Heyy everyone!

Just a quick summary of what this blog’s about, who I am and a general welcome to any new visitors. I’m a seventeen year old college student in Britain, seeking for a way to express myself. As I have a deep adoration for fashion, writing, travelling and photography – I thought I’d mush it all together in a pretty little concoction and see what happens!

I’ll also share some more personal stories if I feel I need to offload any stress and just spill all my feelings out to you guys (yeah you’re all my personal therapists now, tah). But hopefully you’ll also be entertained by some of these stories as I share the nail bitingly cringey moments which seem to dominate my whole life. I reckon it’s due to my constant clumsiness and severe lack of common sense (it’s even resulted in me being hospitalised over Christmas… but that’s a story for another time!)

I’m excited to share more with you and read all of your posts too. Remember that if you have any questions about featured products, or if you’re ever feeling down or just want a lil chit-chat – I’m all ears 🙂

Thanks for reading!

Love, Han


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